JUNAN GOOD FOOD CO.,LTD  focus for peanut and dreid fruits more than 23 years in Export international market , as well as Professional and Biggest manufacture from China.

And  we have 2 branch Company: JUNAN MAX FOOD CO.,LTD  /  JUNAN MAX TRADE CO.,LTD.

 ◆ Our products are present throughout all over of the world market,Best quality and Services is our biggest competitive.

 ◆ We are manufacture of peanut products and dreid fruits,As your best Partner in China

 ◆ Our sales teams is the professional,must be gave best services everytime. 24hours online services.

Why good food company

 ◆ Widest possible assortment of peanut products and dried fruits from market;

 ◆ Steady stock of all assortment in sufficient quantities in the warehouse;

 ◆ Excellent client service and readiness to solve difficult questions;

 ◆ High quality of all products, confirmed by China C.I.Q government confirmation;

 ◆ Direct deliveries from more than 25 countries of the world;

 ◆ Competitive prices;

 ◆ Efficient warehouse logistics;

 ◆ Professional management.

Our clients

 ◆ Shops and Supermarket;

 ◆ Extensive federal distribution and wholesale companies;

 ◆ Production companies with well known brands, specialized in pre-packed products;

 ◆ Confectionery productions using our products as ingredients.